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Make Every Experience ~
Forever Lovely!



Wedding Collection

We're here to help you plan the wedding of your dreams as we curate a custom design that is completely & utterly yours!  

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Corporate Collection

We love planning retreats, conferences, and executive meetings with a focus on brand awareness and business goals!

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Travel Collection

We're here to book your private jet, yacht excursions, and luxury villas to provide you with unforgettable experiences!

+About Us

Forever Lovely by
Tiffany Toxey & Co.
Are Storytellers at Heart.

Tiffany Toxey & Co. is a southern boutique planning firm that offers stunning event planning and concierge services. We create opulent, luxury, and timeless events. Our collections are unmatched with swift booking with the ability to add on custom requests.


We're here and honored to guide you on  your next steps, whether its your local favorite or a destination- we have you covered from the details to the design with an phenomenal experience!  You will be rest assured with our planning process, creativity of design, and logistics to make it all come together.

We Love Crafting Authentic Moments & Memories To Cherish! 




Tiffany grew up in a small town near Charleston, SC. She was exposed to the event industry at a young age, while her dad had a side business as a DJ and her mom as a chef; catering meals from her home kitchen. With this exposure, she grew up in love with celebrating for every occasion.

Tiffany enjoyed traveling on summer vacation to Myrtle Beach and went on several road trips when she grew up. Today, one of her favorite parts of life is traveling the world!  She majored in Accounting in college and started her career in hospitality and worked her way up to Hotel Guest Manager; while soaring in booking custom packages and outings. This experience has provided her with extensive knowledge in planning, creating timelines, preparing logistics, and excelling at guest experience! 

Tiffany has worked in the corporate arena for over a decade, managing budgets in government and private sectors, hosting business retreats, and conferences. Her palette is one of a variety with many accomplishments. She has also worked as the Lead for Charleston Fashion Week in Charleston,S.C. and worked alongside LA Celebrity Wedding Planner Kevin Lee.

Tiffany has had the pleasure of attending Lovegevity WedTech Academy to become  a Certified Destination Wedding & Event Planner, expanding her knowledge and gaining expertise. She absolutely loved every moment of learning floral design through industry leading floral design instructor Leah T. Williams.

Tiffany now lives in a small town near Atlanta, GA with her husband and children. They enjoy traveling the world, experiencing cultural foods, and watching movies together.  She's a lover of all things KateSpade & Chanel, the color pink and a double caramel frappe’.

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To get to know the things that are your favorites + the style of your every day space. A custom design!

Planning Phenomenal Parties across the Globe in luxurious settings. Cheers to life's lovely celebrations!

Always taking notes and paying attention to even the smallest detail. Every occasion should be celebrated!

I love that I'm doing something that I can do happily for the rest of my life!

                                      Tiffany Toxey

Wedding Planning

Time goes by so fast and with your busy lifestyle, it can be stressful to have to keep up with everything. Let's face it, there's the phone calls, the emails, the budget, the communication with several vendors, and the list goes on, but we are here because we absolutely love handling those things and working out the details. You should have advice, ideas, and inspiration from an industry expert, as that's what we are!   

Our Collections Include:

  • Budget and Tracking

  • Venue Casting and Selections

  • Vendor Matchmaking

  • Monthly Consultations

  • Guest Concierge


Additional a-la-carte services available such as errand assistance, rehearsal dinner, and day after brunch.


+ Our Services

Management & Design

Your event should be unique and different from any other event. Making sure that the style and atmosphere is one that is meant for you. You want your guest to have an fabulous experience with you as well. After all, they are there to celebrate too! No need of stressing over any of the details. With our management and design you can look forward to an event that will be

"Forever Lovely!" 

Our Management/Style Guide Include:

  • Color Palettes

  • Linen Swatches

  • Floral Design

  • Floor Plans and Renderings

  • Timeline/Coordination/Logistics

Additional designing such as table setting, custom stationary, lighting, and staging covered as well.

Private Concierge

Weddings, Corporate, or With Family & Friends- Travel should be an amazing but unforgettable experience! Whether it's your honeymoon, destination booking for all of your friends and family, or if its for a business retreat or conference; we can handle the booking. We book events and vacations worldwide, so the next questions are; Where would you like to go and for how many people? 


Private Concierge Services:

  • Private Jets/Charters

  • Yacht Excursions

  • Luxury Villas/5 Star Property

  • All Inclusive Resort

  • Valet Car Service


Additional custom and special a-la-carte services available upon request as an add on service to any booking.

Let's Celebrate!     Grab The Champagne &

The Process


Let's Talk & Get Acquainted!

Grab your favorite champagne and let's discuss all of your dreams and ideas! I want to know all of your expectations and learn more about you.


Let's Write About It!

After the proposal and contract is agreed upon, we will go in depth with the planning; confirming the budget, vendor selections, and of course the ideal concept.


Let's Make It Flawless! 

Our team will create custom design boards, bringing to life all of the details to create that one of a kind story. Followed by timeline, logistics, & execution.

+ Our Portfolio

Anie & Fadi

Anie & Fadi
Wedding Reception
Table Setting
Woodland Hills Wedding Reception
Hanging Chandeliers
Floral Design
Cocktail Hour
Sweetheart Table
Woodland Hills Wedding Table
Wedding Cake

Brittney & Jonathan

Sweetheart Table
First Dance
Wedding Reception
Wedding Cake
Wedding Toast
Daddy Daughter Dance
Wedding Reception
Bridal Party
Bridal Party

Shanae & Kaheem

Shanae & Kaheem
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Table
Wedding Candles
Wedding Decor
Wedding Table
Wedding Draping
In Memory of Table
Wedding Setting
Wedding Cake

Shanon Glam Party

Dinner Party
Table Design
Table Design
Flower Wall
Event Decor
Floral Design
Celebration Cake
Glam Party

Garden Brunch

Enchanted Tree
Flower Garden
Table Design
Menu Card
Garden Table Design
Place Setting

Southern Lux Brunch

Brunch Table Design
Table Design
Table Setting
Menu Setting
Floral Design